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As wine specialists to the licensed trade, our search is for the very best wines from around the world that offer the finest quality in relation to price. We endeavour to offer a level of exclusivity to our customers and carry many wines under different brand names to ensure a point of difference from neighbouring venues.

We have a rigid selection process whereby every wine is assessed on a regular basis and must meet with the approval of our tasting panel.

Our wines and brands are selected specifically with our customers in mind and their requirements for price, quality, range and presentation.

None of our wines will appear in multiple retail stores and because we have exclusive territorial rights we have control of their distribution.

We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and wine producers all of whom have a reliable and ethical track record.

Our 2022 Portfolio

The Frost Pocket Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand

Deliciously Crisp & Fresh with Vibrant Lime, Goosberry & Tropical Fruit Flavours.

Paolo Leo Salice Salentini Riserva Salento, Italy

Intense characters of jammy fruit balanced with spicy and wood undertones. The palate is silky, full-bodied and harmonious with delicate tannins.

Nao Nis Prosecco Extra Dry DOC, Italy

Light and refreshing with fresh pair and dessert apple flavours together with notes of flora and almond. Delicate off dry with a clean finish.

Miopasso Appassimento Nero d'Avola Sicily DOC, Italy

Hand-picked grapes left to dry for 3-4 weeks until the water evaporates and the sugars concentrate and the alcohol level increases. These dried grapes are then vinified and blended with other Nero d’Avola juice to produce this outstanding wine. The bouquet is very intense with deep notes of dark cherries, damsons and blackcurrants. The palate is powerful with silky smooth tannins, great depth of flavour and layers of complexity.

Miopasso Appassimento Nero d'Avola Sicily DOC, Italy

Appassimento literally translates to ‘Drying’ in Italian and it is the technique of drying out grapes after harvest. The grapes are picked early in order to retain high acidity levels and the drying is carried out indoors. This concentrates not only the sugars in the grapes but also the flavours. This technique produces wines that are medium to full-bodied with high alcohol and concentrated fruit flavours. This Grillo gives an explosion of citrus and tropical fruit on the textural palate

Our Wine List

Our exclusive wine list has been carefully selected from our suppliers and can be downloaded below.

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